What is the difference between hardwood decking and softwood decking?
Hardwood decking is made from a number of different broadleaved trees. These could be oak, ash or beech. The wood of these trees is slower in growth and this tends to offer a “harder” and more durable timber. Not all hardwoods are naturally durable for outdoor use but some are and these can be found as hardwood decking. In contrast, softwood decking is made from coniferous, evergreen trees such as pine or spruce,. To use softwood decking outside, It must be suitably pressure treated with preservatives, to protect it from fungal and insect decay in addition to deterioration from the environment. Due to availability, cost effectiveness and ease of installation, around 90% of decks are made from softwood decking. Hardwood decking tends to be more expensive and requires more care to work with.