1. Monday 30th April closing at 3pm

    Due to a stock take, the Sawmill will be closing at 3pm.

    We apologise for any inconvenience but feel it necessary due to health and safety as there will be a lot of heavy lifting being undertaken.

    Back to normal on Tuesday 1st May

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  2. What is the difference between hardwood decking and softwood decking?

    Hardwood decking is made from a number of different broadleaved trees. These could be oak, ash or beech. The wood of these trees is slower in growth and this tends to offer a “harder” and more durable timber.
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  3. Deck Maintenance - What should I do?

    Establishing a regular habit of deck maintenance will ensure that you enjoy the maximum life from your timber deck. For decking, the requirement for maintenance is minimal, but none the less very important.
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  4. What should I know about decking joists?

    Although these can't be seen when your deck is complete, they are perhaps more important than your deck boards. Deck joists give you the framework to attach your timber decking boards to and play a very important part in ascertaining the strength and durability of your decking.
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