National Highways Sector Scheme 4
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We are a certified TANALITH E treater for the National Highways Sector Scheme 4 Treatment Standard

What is NHSS 4?

National Highways Sector Scheme 4 is a quality management system relating to fencing on the UK road network.

Having this certification is not only mandatory, it means that we can meet your highways fencing project requirements to the necessary standards.

The Gold Standard

Timbers that have a desired service life of 30 years – such as NHSS 4 fence posts – are treated with our Gold Standard treatment.
The Gold Standard treatment is set at double the strength of standard UC4 (ground contact) timber treatment, with the timber in the vessel for 5 hours rather than 1.5 hours.
This ensures suitable penetration of the TANALITH E preservative into the fence posts and ensures that they are fit for purpose.
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As an approved supplier of National Highways Sector Scheme 4 treated timber, we carry ISO9001 approval and are audited regularly under the Benchmark Accreditation scheme, monitored by the Wood Protection Association. View our certificate