The Gold Standard
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In recent years we have recognised a demand locally for a better treated fence post. By having the facilities and accreditation to offer the NHSS 4 specification, we have extended this treatment service to all customers by introducing the Gold Standard.

What’s special about our gold treated stakes?

We only use exclusively selected quality Redwood

We pressure-treat our fencing timbers with market leading Tanalith E wood preservative 

Our timbers are dried to the correct moisture content

All our treatment is done on-site using the latest Auto-Treater technology

Read more about Tanalith treatment here

What does this mean?

The Gold Standard treatment is set at double the strength of standard UC4 (ground contact) timber treatment, with the timber in the treatment vessel for 5 hours rather than 1.5 hours.

This all means that the treatment penetrates further into the timber, providing better protection from the elements and extending the desired service life of your stakes.


Fencing timber use

There are several considerations regarding exterior fencing and agricultural treated timbers that you or your fencing contractor should note.
  1. Any cuts / notches made to the treated timbers must have Ensele End Grain Preservative applied to maintain the integrity of the protection. Ensele is available from our retail shop
  2. Only timbers treated to UC4 can be used for in-ground contact
  3. UC3 uncoated treated components (fence rails & boards, gates, Yorkshire boarding) should only be used for out-of-ground contact
  4. Fence posts must not be pointed after treatment
  5. The shortening of fence posts should be avoided. If unavoidable, the cut end must have Ensele End Grain Preservative applied and must never be used for in-ground contact
  6. Any pressure-treated timbers which are further processed; e.g. planed or ripsawn, must be returned to us for re-treatment
  7. Treated timbers must not be removed and re-used at a new location