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We offer two types of preservative treatment on site; TANALITH E and VACSOL Aqua
Next generation TANALITH E preservative is suitable for outdoor applications including fencing, decking, playground equipment and building use. It is suitable for Use Classes 1 – 4 – EN 335.

We use next generation TANALITH E wood preservative for our UC2, UC3 and UC4 timbers.

Our 4″x2″ is treated to UC2 / UC3 as standard.


Our UC4 timbers (fencing posts) can either be treated with our Silver Standard treatment (desired service life of 15 years) or our Gold Standard treatment (desired service life of 30 years). We are also able to meet the requirements of NHSS 4 (National Highways Sector Scheme 4).

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VACSOL Aqua (Vac Vac or Double Vacuum) is a treatment required for timber used internally, such as CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) and other softwood.

Timbers treated with VACSOL Aqua have an envelope of protection, mainly through a proven low-pressure application process. VACSOL Aqua provides long term performance for low-medium risk interior and exterior construction and joinery timbers used above damp-proof course level.

We treat with VACSOL Aqua specifically to order. We have one VACSOL Aqua treatment vessel onsite.

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We can also supply fire retardant NON-COM and DRICON treated timber – please contact our experts to discuss your requirements.

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